Make JSON-LD localization configuration for OLFS.


The JSON-LD content sent by Hyrax contains fields that should be part of the localized configuration of the server. We may wish to add these tot the BES and have the OLFS retrieve them, or we may want to add it to the olfs configuration.
There are two places in the OLFS that build json-ld responses.

One is in the construction of the contents.html page, the other is in the OPeNDAP Data Access form page (aka IFH).

In the contents.html pages we have this block:

All of the RValues bracketed by '@' characters need to be provided in a configuration setting.

In the OPeNDAP Data Access Form page we currently have this block of json-ld:

And the value of should be reviewed against the schema and I suspect it will need to be replaced with some site wide configuration value.


Nathan Potter
November 20, 2018, 3:06 PM

On reflection I think it would be better to make the value into a "map" the same way we handle the TypeMatch expressions:

Which will make retrieval (say by the OLFS) more straightforward.

Nathan Potter
October 3, 2018, 3:59 PM

I think we should add this information to the bes.conf file like this:

Note: Doing this means tracking down about half-dozen places in the BES the currently utilize BES.ServerAdministrator and making them use



Nathan Potter


Nathan Potter





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