The links that Hyrax generates SHOULD include a subject with the URL of the relevant page


Our mailto support links, generated in a number of places in Hyrax, allow users to click the link and send us a question about the server and how to use it. The number one first response that I write is something to the effect of this

Hi Username,

Our group supports the server software that provides the access to the data in which you are interested.
There are several implementations of this type of server (aka as a DAP server), and because of this there are
several different ways, some server dependent, to address your question.

In order for me to effectively help you I will need the URL of the site from which you are attempting to retrieve your data.

Which is a pain. Better I think that we modify the server to generate mailto support links that includes a subject containing the URL in question:

Or even Body text with the same:

This may require some JavaScript to be embedded in the response pages.

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