We need to have the BES site map command return the site map as a result


Right now, the site map command writes the site map to the BES's file system. Change this so that it can return the site map to the OLFS.


James Gallagher
November 28, 2018, 12:58 AM

Modified the site map command to return a text response.

Now looking into how to handle multiple catalogs. See ShowNodeResponseHandler for info on how the non-default catalogs are added to the first level of the tree of nodes. This is needed because the OLFS needs to see those in the response from showNode so that users will know they exist. Our code, however, does not need to do that - it's not really an interactive response and it can provide a response that is a set of catalog 'crawls.' If needed the code can test for a non-root pathname and limit the traversal to just the one catalog that matches (because after the first level, only one catalog can be used).


Shows three catalogs (the default, with two directories and two other catalogs. But if the pathname is /cat1, then we're only interested in the one catalog.

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