Add tests for C++-11 support


Include experimental compiler support likely to be found on/for CentOS 6

Look at the bison 3.3 code now in hyrax-deps to see how it tests for various versions of C++

Issues found in libdap: There was some problem with using --std=c+0x on CentOS 6 and the code in d4_ce - the parser C+ files. I just decided to bail on that. libdap4 will build with c++11 and a compiler that supports it correctly.

BES: There are a number of issues in the code. I'll summarize them:
In modules/cmr_module:, the lines "BESDEBUG(MODULE, msg << endl);" fail on OSX with -std=cxx11

This problem was caused by a stringstream being passed to a ostream using <<. When I accessed the string object from the stringstream, everything went well.

In modules/HDF4_handler: There are 4 or 5 files that use g+'s typeof (e.g., "T (*templatlonptr)[majordim][minordim] = (typeof templatlonptr) latlon;") but that's a g+ extension. Use decltype instead or do something else. I could not get decltype to work as a direct replacement.

The problem appears to be limited to cmr_module and hdf4_handlder.

I coded around it by not using the temp variable and computing the offsets into the data block by hand.


James Gallagher
April 5, 2019, 8:18 PM


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