Renaming of shared dimensions doesn't work (and should) - Could be duplicate of renaming a variable


Hi James,

Our preliminary tests show that the NcML module still cannot recognize dimension name changes. I include an email below of our early correspondence with John Caron about the NcML schema, and the example for the dimension change in ncml that we desire.

If I attempt to "remove" existing dimensions in order to redefine my own, Hyrax would issue an error saying that this version of the module only supports removal of attributes and variables.

One consequence is that the fonc module wouldn't honor such changes in NcML either (though not recognizing, the NcML module never complained about the attempted dimension changes as long as I don't remove any existing dimension).

I wonder if this can be implemented in the module after all? Do you have an idea of how long it'd take to do it? Perhaps I didn't emphasize but this feature would be highly important for our data service.

I did verify that the fonc module no longer prepends "h4_", "h5_", or "ncml_" in front of the variable or attribute names when downloading in netcdf, which is good.


On 06/18/11 10:24, John Caron wrote:
On 6/17/2011 11:44 AM, Gallagher James wrote:

We have some users of ncml that are trying to rename dimensions using ncml that looks like:

where "aerosol_opt_001" is a variable in an existing file and it's dimension names in that file are some useless gibberish. When they slurp their ncml into panoply and IDV, the dimensions are renamed; our ncml code doesn't do this, however. I checked the on-line docs and it wasn't clear (but was sort of implied) that this syntax was supposed to rename dimensions. Is it?

James Gallagher
jgallagher at

John's reply:

I think that the above does work in NcML, because the new shared
dimension objects are created and added to the file, then they are used
by the variables as usual. ill make a note to improve the docs.




Slav Korolev
November 29, 2018, 8:49 PM

In this ticket remove dimention should be implemented so that for ncml like this:

DDS output will be

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