MDS for Data responses, version 1


Data providers and users want Hyrax to be more responsive.

The MDS can be used by the BES framework to fulfill a request for a metadata response for a given dataset. It does this by storing complete responses as text files. These text files can also be parsed using libdap DDS, DAS and DMR parsers to make objects. However, these object are completely generic and thus cannot be used to read data. This story involves designing and building a proof-of-concept/prototype that will used the metadata responses in the MDS to build objects that are specialized for specific types of data and thus that can be used to build data responses.

Version 1 (this story) will use the format-specific handlers to do this, but they will not have to interrogate the datasets. All the information needed will be read from the MDS, the BES configuration files and coded into new methods added to the handlers.

This will be a POC/prototype design and implementation, so we will pick one handler that will be simple (FreeForm) and solve the problem for it, then tackle a second handler that has non-trivial data (HDF5). Once these steps are done, we will collect timing data.

We will probably need to make more tasks!


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James Gallagher




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