Extend the automated build of the Docker containers from the snapshot build products


This is an extension of the Ci/CD system as requested by ESDIS personnel at the ESIDS2019 SE TIM meeting (held in Summer at GSFC).

Given that we now have snapshot RPM builds, Docker container builds from those (and AWS CloudFormation templates from the snaoshot RPMs), do the following to make it easier for users and ESDIS developers to use these containers:

  • Edit each docker hub page.

    • That there is this shapshot tag and that it is a container of the server (or the XY part) made using the snapshot build products (built from the most recent push to the master branch, not to be confused with the latest release).

    • We should put the docker run ... command so people can just cut and paste it

  • Refactor snapshot builds
    - merge snapshot branch to master
    - fix up .travis.yml files so they don’t go for the snapshot branch
    - test all of it.
    - delete snapshot branch

  • Edit the Hyrax Data Server page: https://www.opendap.org/software/hyrax-data-server so that docker stuff appears in the Software section at the bottom.

  • Edit the hyrax-docker project README.md

    • To say that we now have snapshot containers and what they are but that the best place to go is the Docker Hub place to find out how to start them And that the hyrax-shapshot dir is used by an atuomated process.

  • Add Hyrax+ncWMS version to snapshot production


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