Issues with ICESat-2 data.



I wanted to pass along some errors that we are seeing when attempting to Open/View/Convert some ICESat-2 mission data using Hyrax 1.13.5. The original products are in H5 format and I ran a number of them through the Hyrax Interface, trying various format conversions.

Some of the types of messages I received are as follows:

  • libdap exception building response: error_code = 1002: An internal error was encountered in at line 938: Unsupported HDF5 64-bit Integer type:/quality_assessment/packet_counts/alt_sci/qa_pce1_dnf Please report this to

  • File out netcdf, unable to end the define mode: /workingdata/opendap/nckdzg04: NetCDF: HDF error

  • fileout.netcdf - Failed to add dimension dim235: NetCDF: NC_UNLIMITED size already in use

  • fileout.netcdf - Failed to define chunking for variable _quality_assessment_cal_error: NetCDF: Invalid argument

My comments to Ken:

  • The first issue "... will require DAP4 or that the data provider set an option in the HDF5 handler that offers a work around for types not supported by DAP2"

  • The remaining three: "These could be more complex issues… But I suspect that they are related to the DAP4 data type issue. Internally the server is using DAP2 for most of its work, we hope to change over to DAP4 during the next year (and have the DAP2 responses built from DAP4 objects, since the latter subsumes the former)."

Ken has uploaded data on that we can access using FTP in the ftpuser directory: "James – I uploaded a file called ATLAS.tar.gz that contains 6 ICESat-2 data files:"




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James Gallagher


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