Modify the BES Command pipeline to include the steps in the A1/2 state diagram


Given that we know what the steps are for determining when to use A1, A2 or the current set of File System (FS) RequestHandlers, implement that.

Look at BESInterface and BESXMLCommand to determine how/where to make the needed modifications. We have some documents that describe the command processing subsystem of the BES, use those as the basis of a design. Here's a document that describes the current design/implementation: BES Command Processing

And a UML class diagram:

Maybe this is the time where we look at the BES's overall design and see if the Catalog/Container design is sufficient to support S3. Ans: it is.

Implement this design for the data access requests when there is a DMR++ response document. The MDS will be populated with the DMR++ responses (covered by other tickets) Here's a design for the Modification of the BES to support the DMR++ software.


Nathan Potter
April 30, 2018, 11:05 PM

I think that it's the OLFS that is going to issue the container command, probably like this:

So we will always know, in the BES, which container is being used.

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James Gallagher


James Gallagher