Make a viable representation for top-level (aka dataset) metadata for JSON-LD


The generation of JSON-LD by Hyrax has encountered a representation issue in which the top-level metadata (global attributes) cannot by naturally represented in JSON-LD. The current JSON-LD form allows only for variable metadata (PropertyValue elements) to be included and for provider and catalog information. Given the importance of global attributes in many datasets this should be addressed. A straw man example of what might be done is below, but we will need to work with Project-418 to hone this to something acceptable to all involved parties.


Nathan Potter
April 27, 2018, 11:30 PM

I moved the stuff in datasetProperties into the first member of variableMeasured array named with the URL of the dataset. This preserves the metadata, uses the existing structural rules, and if we like it we can call it a convention.

Here's the new first entry in the variableMeasured array:

The new representation also passes the Google Structured Data Tester:

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Nathan Potter


Nathan Potter